Sicily in September 2016

On the eve of our next holiday (to Cyprus), I am finally getting around making this post.

My girlfriend and I visited Sicily in September of last year. Our tried and tested method of booking flights, Airbnb and a rental car worked very well again.

We were based outside the town of Scicli in the South of Sicily. In-between our road trip days, which led us to visit Mount Etna, Taormina, Syracuse, Noto and more places, we had a few very relaxed days on the beach and enjoying the sun terrace of our holiday domicile. The weather was fantastic and we had a really great time.

Iceland in March 2016

In March 2016 I went on a short visit to Iceland with my girlfriend to explore Reykjavik and some interesting places in the surroundings. We rented a car and stayed in an Airbnb in the outskirts of Reykjavik, which worked really well. Having only four full days in Iceland and returning to our apartment at the end of every day meant we could only explore a small bit in the South-West of Iceland, but we had a really good time and saw stunningly beautiful places.

Exploring Scandinavia: Copenhagen and Stockholm

I spent a whole day on a train going through Scandinavia, setting off in Hamburg in the morning, changing trains and spending a couple of hours in Copenhagen, and arriving in Stockholm in the evening. The official purpose of the journey was to attend Roast Club, an event that happened quite regularly throughout late 2012 and early 2013 where a bunch of'ers and friends had homemade Sunday Roast together. Now that I moved to Hamburg and fellow Roast Clubber David moved to Stockholm, things need a bit more planning. Anyway, it was a lovely weekend in Stockholm, which is an amazingly pretty city, featuring sight-seeing, live music, chiptunes, clubbing, and of course roast on Sunday. With only three attendees the turn-out was not as good as in the old London days, but hey, Roast Club Europe is an even more exclusive circle.



Visiting the New World: Seattle and Chicago

This is about my first visit to America. I took a couple of weeks off to visit friends of mine who moved to the USA in the last few years. I wanted to do this for quite a while, but it used to be one of the good ideas that you keep for later. A few months ago my friend Andreas, who lives in the surroundings of Chicago, told me he got tickets for himself and his wife to see Calexico in concert. A band I had seen live a few times already, and years ago I dragged Andreas to one of their shows. I asked him to get me a ticket as well. At long last this was excuse enough to book flights and plan a visit to the New World.

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