Exploring Scandinavia: Copenhagen and Stockholm

I spent a whole day on a train going through Scandinavia, setting off in Hamburg in the morning, changing trains and spending a couple of hours in Copenhagen, and arriving in Stockholm in the evening. The official purpose of the journey was to attend Roast Club, an event that happened quite regularly throughout late 2012 and early 2013 where a bunch of Last.fm'ers and friends had homemade Sunday Roast together. Now that I moved to Hamburg and fellow Roast Clubber David moved to Stockholm, things need a bit more planning. Anyway, it was a lovely weekend in Stockholm, which is an amazingly pretty city, featuring sight-seeing, live music, chiptunes, clubbing, and of course roast on Sunday. With only three attendees the turn-out was not as good as in the old London days, but hey, Roast Club Europe is an even more exclusive circle.